Work Commuters

Regular work commuters - Welcome to Cool Pool Tas.

If you would like to sign up your organisation with a customised carpooling link Contact Cool Pool Tas today.

We are currently offering customised carpooling to make connections easier for larger work places (where informal carpooling might not occur).

What is customised carpooling?

Cool Pool Tas can create a link for the name of the organisation that you work with for a small fee.  For example "Hobart Airport"; "Company Name, Place"; "Council Name, Place".

This way you should know that the person you are contacting for a carpool, is employed, or going to a meeting, at your workplace. 

Don't have Customised Carpooling Link?

If your organisation is not quite on board yet with a customised link, you can still post your "regular ride (commute)".  

When registering take the time to fill in the About Me section with a paragraph or two describing your driving experience (if you drive), and work field/interests to carpool.  

If you describe your regular commute in the about me section, it will not be posted for the general public to see (or members that aren't logged on).

Moreover, POST a RIDE, to maximise your chances of finding a successful carpool.