What's A Cool Price?

Cool Pool Tas provides a fuel calculator to give members a recommended contribution amount ($).  Contributions are based on the fuel costs, shared with the driver also. However, our fuel calculator formulates that the driver pays a little less than the passenger/s (around 5%) since we include  factors such as upkeep of the owner’s vehicle. Check out our fuel calculator to see how it works, or else view our commuter's contribution chart to gauge an idea of distance and recommended contribution.

Please keep in mind our philosophical fuel…WE ARE NOT a transportation service that is about making money, but rather a cool way to share the road, and driving together. 
Drivers or passengers may prefer to trade a ride, split fuel costs evenly or even offer a ride with no contribution expectation.  Remember to double check what you are paying/collecting before finalising your lift. We take no responsibility for money collection or payments (see our disclaimer/terms of use), but would like your feedback if you ever encounter problems/issues with this or else have suggestions for improving this informal system.