UTAS Carpooling

Specialised Service for UTAS- Carpooling

Information on this page is for University of Tasmania professional academics and staff and students.

Read on to learn how to effectively navigate and utilise our online carpooling system whereby when you register with your UTAS email account you will have specialised UTAS carpooling access, to search and post within our public carpooling domain, and/or internally for UTAS rides only.

Getting Started

  • Register as a UTAS user (there is an option on the main registration page)
  • Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration.  You are now ready to start posting and searching for rides.  **You will be able to change your preferred email account if your UTAS is not most regularly checked.
  • Before searching and posting- familiarise yourself with the site, and read through the guidelines for UTAS users, our Cool Pool Etiquette, and FAQs.
  • About the Cool Pool-  How it works link on the top bar will provide you with more information for ride posting/search and navigating the site. Listed below will be a few tips for UTAS specific post and searches, and how you list your preference to have a ride viewed by everyone, or only by other UTAS subscribers.

Searching for Rides

  • Log in using your username and password and you will be able to search for UTAS ride posting only, and the public rides, or both.  Just click on FIND button and all the rides will come up.  To refine your search enter the from: to: date: and your search will be ranked from closest fit, to least.
  • Only people who have posted will have their rides in the search, such that just by registering, does not mean that you will be seen to have a posting. Read on to learn how to post.

Posting Rides

  • You can post for one off rides, or regular commutes using Cool Pool Tas to and from specific university campuses.

E.G From: UTAS Sandy Bay to UTAS Inveresk (specific date travel)

E.G From: Devonport to UTAS Cradle Coast (Regular)

**All Eight campuses for UTAS are listed in our location search/post engine with Google and start with UTAS.

  • Posting you can list whether you want your ride to be seen by everyone (public carpooling), or UTAS users only.  
  • Further information on ride arrangements, money contributions and other helpful tips to ensure a safe and effective carpooling experience are all explained in our UTAS user guidelinesCool Etiquette, and FAQs.  A special FAQ section for UTAS specific questions will be developed over the next 6 months as questions and clarifications are presented to us.  If you have a question please contact us!

Logging Rides

  • Once you have posted a ride and found a carpool to share, or found a ride with out posting, we recommend you LOG IT!
  • On your personal home page you will be able to log rides which creates a great record of your trips shared, and carbon savings you have made!
  • Furthermore, by logging rides it helps to show us how many connections are being made.  Without your logs, or emails to us with feedback on successful ride shares, we are unable to monitor all of the rides made.  We appreciate you logging, and feeding back to us!

Keeping active on the site

  • Keep posting and searching when you have registered with us!
  • It might take time, and many postings and searches before you have success in finding the right pool together, or it might take one! 
  • If you are a facebook user, you can join our group "Cool Pool Tas" to chat with other users (registered with the group).  We have currently disabled our chat on Cool Pool Tas- but if there is a demand we can reactivate immediately. **We strongly recommend you not to post rides on the facebook page, as it does not have the structure and privacy, or outreach of our official website page here. 

Happy carpooling and have a safe commute.

We look forward to adding information to this page of other special UTAS features and/or incentives being offered, as well as a FAQ link for UTAS.