Occasional Carpoolers

Using Cool Pool Tas for One Off Journeys? 

Now and again you might just make a trip somewhere, down the Midlands, or to an event in the State and want to find a ride, or share the journey there- great idea!

Joining up with Cool Pool gives you an opportunity to connect when you need to.

When you have something coming up, log in with your details (once you've registered-FREE), and then post a ride.  

You can also click on the find button to check out posts already up, however to maximise your chances in making a connection- POST A RIDE "looking for passengers" or "looking for a ride".

Be organised and safe.

Remember to check back to the Cool Pool Etiquette and FAQs if you are a new or seasoned carpooler.  And, if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.