Our Community- Testimonials


Community Achievements

Cool Pool Tas- Winner of the Dr Edward Hall Environment Award for Best Community Group, 2009 for our project "Walking car drives away climate change".

Cool Pool Tas- Recipient of a Climate Connect Grant 2009-10 where we created and engaged in a project called rural rides to educate, encourage and link carpoolers in the Huon Valley and on the Tasman Peninsula.  Thanks to Sustainable Living Tasmania for their support on the project.

Comments & Testimonials from Carpoolers about Cool Pool Tas  

 "Hi there, I grabbed a good ride down the Huon to Cygnet Folk festival the other day, cheers for that." 

"Thanks so much for your excellent innovation which I happened to stumble upon.  I drive from the Dodges Ferry area to work in New Town full time".

"Good on you guys! I generally catch a bus to work and see all those empty cars driving past is a worry.  I hope this service is successful".

"When I was overseas I used carpools extensively.  You meet nice people, hear local stories and save on bucks.  It's about time Tasmanians got into it".