Launch of Cool Pool Tas- Walking the Talk to the Botanical Gardens


On Sunday at Tasmania's Royal Botanical Gardens, Cool Pool Tas were accepting their first carpooler registrations for their new website .

Featured at their tent site at the Gardens was a very flash "walking car", that made it all the way there from Salamanca Place-  to help promote the launch of the site.

A group of around 12 motivated and healthy Cool Pool Tas volunteers put their finishing touches on the car before climbing in and marching it into the "tread lightly enviro-fest" event.  Some difficulties came about at the gates as the hub caps were too wide for the entrance!  However, a dedicated team were able to pool their strengths and lift it over the high fence and into the Gardens.

The walking car represents the growing need for us to carpool.  Indeed, this car can not move with out the support of at least 3 people carrying it inside.  Similarly, as petrol prices continue to increase, can we continue to drive alone along the roads, or wait for transportation infrastructure to catch up with our rapidly changing world. 

This website has been created to help make connections for drivers and passengers so that they can save on fuel costs, go places at flexible times and on varying routes, and chip in their piece for combating climate change.