Cool Pool Tas is an internet service where passengers and drivers can connect to share or exchange rides in Tasmania.  This type of service is commonly referred to as online carpooling or ridesharing.

Brief Histoire

Cool Pool Tas emerged in December, 2007 when Founder Georgi Marshall returned to her home State of Tasmania and recognised the great potential for a carpooling service there.  Calling upon her international and interstate carpooling experiences and following extensive research into existing carpooling services throughout Australia, the need for a dynamic, efficient carpooling service for Tasmania became apparent.

Over a four month period a prominent number of locals responded to flyers sent out, supporting the creation of a specialized carpooling service for Tasmania with comments such as "We've been thinking to start one (a car pool) in our community for a while, thankyou- please sign us up!" 

The wheels were in motion and so a Committee was established and local website developers and designers were engaged in the project.  Cool Pool Tas opened its site for user registration in June, 2008.

Why Cool Pool Tas?

The name Cool Pool Tas was chosen to emphasise the cool benefits carpooling provides offering diversity on travel routes, affordability and reduction of traffic and CO2 emissions.  Furthermore, 'Cool' represents how we support the 'cooling of our planet through reducing our green house gas emissions (CO2)'.

Who Owns and Operates Cool Pool Tas?

Cool Pool Tas is a locally owned and registered entity.  It is driven purely from its members, and the generous donations of Individuals and Organisations that care to make a difference and appreciate the benefits of this online carpooling resource.

Cool Pool Tas prides itself in that any additional funds generated from this site are injected directly back into the marketing and modernisation of this resource and its functionability. 

COOL Features

  • A dynamic search engine- EASY USE
  • Relevent information about members- SAFETY
  • A fuel calculator- FAIRNESS
  • Frequent Work Travel Connector- HOME 2 HUB
  • Star a Ride- FEEDBACK

COOL Potential to POOL

With an abundance of empty automobiles exchanging glances on our increasingly busy Tasmanian roads, and over 350,000 registered vehicles and licensed drivers in Tasmania-  Cool Pool Tas offers the most energy efficient way to reduce fuel costs (now hitting around AUD$1.58/L), mitigate road congestion and CO2 emissions, whilst creating positive social interaction.

Frequent commuters, travellers and non-car owners are often looking for economical, flexible and convenient ways to travel along common routes, to festivals, national parks, university & tafe institutes, or to work.   Quite often travellers are also looking to meet local people for a chat, which is where car pooling offers a great exchange for the passenger and the driver also who can have some friendly company and counter potential fatigue.

Shrinking Our Carbon Footprints

By carpooling you are directly supporting less cars being on our roads, and hence reducing overall green house gas emissions (CO2 in particular).  This not only mitigates the influence car emissions contribute to global warming, but further reduces road congestion and toxic air pollutants which can cause or exacerbate health problems in denser urban areas.

Some weighty vehicle emissions figures from the Federal Government  (May 2008, ) tell us that a petrol car produces around 2.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide per litre, LPG 1.6 kg/L  and Diesel 2.7 kg/L.  Utilising our fuel calculator setting (10km/L) and driving a petrol car 100km you have contributed a generous 24 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

You can do the rest of the maths on your CO2 emissions reductions through carpooling or use the carbon avoidance log book (your personal page) to see how much you can save!