How It Works

Cool Pool Tas connects drivers and passengers through its great search and post database.  However, users must become members before they can view the contact details and information about rides they find posted, and/or to post rides or searches themselves. 

All members are responsible for making contact and finalising contribution ($), and other travel details.  Cool Pool Tas supports members in making these arrangements by providing a fuel contribution recommendation and a list of cool etiquette for when members are carpooling.

How to carpool with Cool Pool Tas?

  1. Register to become a member of cool pool tas. 
  2. Once you become a member you can freely search or make postings on this site after you Log In.
  • To post a ride or to post that you are looking for a passenger simply go to POST and enter the details of your trip.  Similarly to search for passengers and rides, go to FIND.  
  • Enter the details about your trip including: Date; Departure Location; Destination; Desired departure Time and the Category of your trip.  There are five different categories of trip as explained below:

Ride Categories

a.  MAJOR ROUTE- major highways in Tasmania and travel between significant townships or cities (i.e Launceston-Hobart, Burnie-Devonport).

b.  FREQUENT COMMUTE ROUTE-  commonly under 40km and a working commute orelse journey to a major centre (i.e Hobart; Launceton) from outer municipalities, valleys, beaches, or communities (i.e Huonville, Sorell, Opossum Bay; Exeter, Deloraine, Tamar).

c.  FESTIVALS/EVENTS- any event or festival in tasmania (i.e Falls Festival, Agfest, Festivale, Taste of Huon).

d.  TRANSIT- airport and ferry terminals (i.e Launceston and Hobart Precints, Devonport Spirit of Tasmania).

e.  TOURIST ROUTE- including national parks and popular tourist destinations (i.e Freycinet, Cradle Mountain, Ben Lomond, Mt Field, Mt Wellington).

You have found a potential ride/passenger 

  • When you find a ride or passenger through searching the database, send them an email via our online messenger.  You will need to click on the user's name to do this.  Details about the trip and the messenger to send them a message will be displayed.  This message link allows your email to remain private from other users.
  • Let them know your commuting plans/needs and how much you can contribute (On the search you would have already seen how much they are expecting.  i.e cool pool rate, split fuel costs evenly or other).
  • Ensure that you confirm all details once you have received a response including PICK UP AND DROP OFF LOCATIONS AND TIME, NUMBER OF PASSENGERS TRAVELLING AND EXPECTED CONTRIBUTION.
  • All of the connections can be made through emailing, however sharing numbers can be useful for unexpected changes in plans if you need to make quick contact.


You can invite users or be invited to become a carpooling buddy.  This is not a system about gathering friends but is a cool pool feature to allow you to quickly find the members that you might pool with again, or frequently travel with.  It also allows them to access your phone numbers for easier and instant contact. 

Deleting Posts

If you have successfully filled your car with passengers through this service or already found a ride, ensure that you log back in to delete your post to avoid other poolers unnecessarily contacting you.  You will see on your home page an option to delete the post once you've clicked on what you've posted (If you need to edit a post, you will have to delete it and start again).


  • Send us feedback if you are experiencing problems with the site, your account, rides, or if you have positive suggestions for future improvements.  Similarly, we love to hear about the connections you have made through the site.  Please write to us with your successful stories, and follow us through twitter and facebook for social media updates.
  • Check out our map of Tasmania and where the current members are.  If you are living in an area with low membership and are interested in helping us to promote and market the cool pool in your area, we'd love to hear from you.  Please email us.