Guidelines UTAS Users

Guidelines for Safe & Effective Carpooling Practice

Cool Pool Tas University of Tasmania Carpoolers

These guidelines are provided for new and seasoned University of Tasmania carpoolers to read and review in utilising Cool Pool Tas’s online carpooling resource.  

1. Registration

When registering for the first time, there is one section where you have an opportunity to describe something about yourself: the “about me” section.  We recommend that you don’t include personal information such as contact details in this section and we emphasise that any information on your regular travel route you may include here is not an automated posting.  Go to guidelines point 4. for information on posting and searching in the Pool.  

2. Protecting your Information

We do not disclose your real name, phone number, date of birth, email address, or residential address to the public.  The only information users can view if they are members of Cool Pool Tas is the user name you input, the about me section, home town, age, gender, driving experience and license type (if registered driver), buddies (user name only) and photo (if uploaded- not compulsory).  If you accept another user as a “buddy” they can view your phone number, and rides you have posted.  We recommend only accepting buddies once you get to know them, or if they are people you already know.  All contact for rides occurs through our Cool Pool Tas emailing system.

3. Emails & Filters

Once you have registered with your UTAS address you can update your email address to one that you check most often- you may not need to update this if your UTAS address is your main emailing account.

If you don’t receive an email in your inbox once you’ve registered, please check your junk mail.  Sometimes emails might appear here, depending on your filter system.  If this occurs, make sure you clearly label that the email is not junk mail to avoid any future correspondence not appearing.

4. Posting and Searching

So- you have successfully registered, and are ready to start searching and posting with Cool Pool Tas.

 a. General Posting, Searching and Logging Rides

Thanks to new phone technology providing easy access to emails (if you have a smart phone or iphone), posting and searching for rides can be more instantaneous- than in the past.  If you are using this technology, you can also follow us on twitter @CoolPoolTas; for ride, event and site updates.

However, to maximise your chances of finding the right carpooling match we recommend that you plan your trips with plenty of time in advance (one or two weeks) and don’t be deterred if you aren’t immediately successful in finding a carpooling match. 

Keep posting, and checking into the site to search the pool by clicking on the find button (you can click without entering any information for an unrefined search). 

Carpooling is a relatively new culture for our State, so in time we hope to see the success of your carpooling matches grow.   We always appreciate hearing from you if you do find a carpooling match, and wish to give us some feedback! 

We further encourage you to utilise the log book to record your carpool, both for your personal safety, and to support us to measure carbon savings made through carpooling.  This is the only way we are able to know what successful ride connections have been made through the website.

b. UTAS search and post

You can run a search of all the rides in our public carpooling domain that are currently posted anytime (without being logged in), or you can run a search on UTAS postings only- if you are logged in and a registered UTAS user (i.e you registered with Cool Pool Tas using your UTAS email account).  

You can also state when you are posting a ride that it be viewed by everyone, or by UTAS users only*, if you prefer only to be connected to the UTAS carpooling community.  If you choose to only be viewed by UTAS users, your carpooling post will not be seen in the public pool (by anyone not logged in), or by general public users who are logged in.  It will only be visible to UTAS registered users who are logged in*.   

 5.  Get Acquainted

 You have now registered, logged in, posted, searched and found someone who is traveling the same direction as you (this could be a one off trip, or regular journey).

You should get to know who your potential carpooling match is by sharing email correspondence with them, or by setting up a quick meeting face to face at the University to discuss whether your travel schedule is a good match or not- prior to accepting the arrangement.  

If following the meeting/correspondence you are unsure about the match, for any reason, you are not obliged to carpool with this person.  There will be other carpoolers if this arrangement was not the right carpool match for you.

 6.  Pick up and Drop Off Points

There are a few things you will need to clarify once you have agreed to share a ride with someone else.  The pick up and drop off points are essential clarifications.  The pick up and drop off points should be visible and public (safety).  Ideally your campus may have a nominated carpooling pick up and drop off zone, or Cool Pool Pick up and Drop off.  However, if not, make sure it is somewhere that you both know, and have agreed on.

7.  Money Contribution

Before the day of the carpool agree on the contribution that will be made.  This is then collected by the driver before heading off towards the destination.   Please have the correct change for the driver.  If the agreement is to split the fuel costs evenly, it will need to be discussed how this will be done i.e driver fills up at the beginning, and costs are split (if expected to use full tank), Cool Pool Rates (by fuel calculator on the site).  If there are additional costs such as parking, these also need to be discussed and clarified before the carpooling day.  If you are going to be sharing rides regularly you might agree that one day one person drives, and the next day someone else drives, whereby you would not be exchanging money, but driving responsibilities.

8. Setting the Ground Rules

Before setting off there are certain things that can be discussed to make it a more comfortable trip.  For example, what radio station or music is acceptable?  Is eating or drinking allowed in the vehicle? (some people may have allergies or vehicle owner might not be comfortable with this)  Is smoking acceptable? (Cool Pool strongly recommends against smoking in cars whilst carpooling).

9. Be Considerate & Mindful

Sharing a confined space can be challenging if the people you are sharing the space with are not mindful of their own habits, perfumes or odours.  We recommend that you are considerate of the people you are carpooling with by avoiding using strong perfumes, or removing shoes (if you know you have strong foot odour), and even be aware of whether people would prefer to talk or not (particularly if you are a talkative person). 

10.  Driving Route and Safety

Carpooling is an A. to B. agreement.  Detours are not a part of the arrangement and should not happen, unless discussed and agreed on by all involved in advance.  The driver is responsible for maintaining a safe and clean motor vehicle with working seat belts.  The driver is required to follow all of the road rules and should drive at a safe and comfortable speed for all passengers.

11.  Communication & Punctuality

Be punctual.  This is going to keep everyone on schedule and make for a great start to the journey.  If for some reason any plans change, make sure you have a number to contact the driver, or passenger/s on in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

12. Insurance

Most insurance policies allow for you to carry other people in the vehicle, carpooling.  However, we recommend that you check with your insurance policy that carpoolers are covered under your policy agreement, as they are all different. It should be noted that Cool Pool Tas is not a transportation operator, but a facility that allows people to make connections for carpooling arrangements.  Furthermore, you should not be making a profit by carpooling i.e transport operator (if driver).  Moreover, most insurance policies will allow you to carry passengers, but you should clarify this for peace of mind and assurance with your own provider.

13. Feedback and Logging Rides

We appreciate any feedback from you once you have made a carpooling connection.   For example: “Hi Cool Pool, we are 3 science students who just shared a great carpool to a meeting up at Inveresk campus from Sandy Bay, we now hope to carpool together again for other special events/meeting for Uni”.

Sometimes frequent commuters will make a connection and then not log in for some time.  

We recommend that you keep active on the site, and remember that it is a great resource for one off journeys also - festivals, events, meetings, seminars.  Furthermore, as mentioned earlier logging your rides is a great way to keep active on the site, and calculate your carbon (and money) savings through carpooling.  This is also a great way to have a log of your travel route (safety).  

**Another reason to keep engaged with Cool Pool Tas and carpooling....Keep an eye out and log in regularly for some great incentives that will be appearing for carpoolers registered as UTAS users.


All users of Cool Pool Tas's online carpooling resource take full responsibility for their carpooling arrangements.  Cool Pool Tas accepts no responsibility what so ever for ride arrangements made using this site (See our terms and conditions for more details).