1.  Where should the meeting place be?  This is usually up to the driver, but should be discussed between both parties. For safety, unless you know the person, don’t meet them at your place, but choose a public place that is easy to access, park and visible to other people.

2.  What if they don’t turn up?  Double check the arrangement and if it is a no-show, go into the star a ride section and rate this member as you see appropriate.  If you feel there has been no effort to contact you, you can send us an email stating the members user name, and we will contact them regarding uncool pool etiquette.

3.  The driver wants more money than I had seen on your site?  It is your responsibility to confirm how you will split the fuel costs. However, we recommend all our users follow the cool pool's fuel calculator recommended contribution. However, if someone wants to split fuel evenly, this should have been communicated prior to meeting. If you feel it is unfair and that the person is taking advantage of the pool, email us and we will follow up on this.

4.  I don’t have internet access, but want to be in the pool?
At the moment cool pool tas is an informal on line internet connection port. We are currently exploring Apps for Cool Pool. However, we hope you can find a place to check on line at this time (most towns now have internet availability; Libraries, Service Tasmania, Neighbourhood Houses (these are often free)). 
5.  I want to leave tonight on one of the advertised rides, but I am not a member yet, can I have it processed in time?  Registration usually takes place immediately unless you have incorrectly filled in the form, or put in an invalid email address.  It is up to you whether you display your number in the section for 'more details' when posting such as a phone number- we don't recommend you do this, but it will give more immediate contact between parties.  Once you become buddies with another person you can view each others phone numbers (both must agree).
6.  How many people are members?  We provide a statistical map so that you can see density and distribution of our member base. This is continually growing, and you can check it out on the home page.
7.  How much does it cost to become a member?  Membership is FREE.
8.  What about Insurance?  Cool Pool Tas members are not transportation operators.  This online service links passengers and drivers, whereby having another person in your car will be like giving a lift to your friend.  If you are a registered driver in the Cool Pool and give someone a ride, remember that you are the driver and not them.  We discourage (and I'm sure your insurance company would agree) you to allow your passenger to share the driving of your vehicle.  Most insurance policies will cover you if you are giving someone a ride, as long as you're not making profit (however, we recommend that you check it out with your own policy and insurance provider if you're concerned).