Dear Carpoolers,

I am excited to share with all of our current and future members that Sustainable Living Tasmania is going to continue operating our online carpooling website, Cool Pool Tas.

Please find below a letter from me acknowledging the journey thus far for Cool Pool Tas, and some thanks to our supporters, as Cool Pool Tas transitions to new ownership with Sustainable Living Tasmania.  

We welcome the new operators of the site, and hope to see the carpooling culture grow in coming years.

Happy and Safe Carpooling,

Georgi Marshall- Cool Pool Tas (Founder) 

Letter of Transition of Ownership

Dear Members,
Cool Pool Tas would like to inform you that it is undergoing a change in ownership to enhance the 
future sustainability of Tasmania’s premiere carpooling resource.
Since our website was launched in June 2008 it has successfully 
registered over 1,000 members, outreaching to communities, work places, events, regular 
commuters and visitors to Tasmania. Providing a dedicated site where passengers and drivers can 
connect to arrange ride shares together, in 2012 Cool Pool Tas further established a carpooling 
service for the University of Tasmania, integrated into our public service, which continues today.
To further develop Tasmania’s carpooling culture, I have offered Cool Pool Tas to Sustainable Living 
Tasmania (SLT) to maintain and operate into the future. As a leading not for profit organisation in 
Tasmania, I am excited that SLT are motivated to continue providing this service to you. SLT have 
stated that they will continue to operate the site as is, at this point in time, and maintain, as stated in 
the terms and conditions, the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. Please 
contact me however should you have any questions or concerns in regards to this.
I’d like to acknowledge and thank Cool Pool Tas’s original cyber committee; patrons: Phil Harrington, 
Nick Towle, and Peter Boyle; mentors and supporters: Margaret Steadman and Corey Peterson; 
Tony Miller and colleagues from Eighty Options (web developers & hosts) and finally our members, 
volunteers, my friends and family for your ongoing support since Cool Pool Tas’s inception.
Please don’t forget to continue to post your ride offers and searches today, for one off and regular 
commutes, all over the State. I very much look forward to continuing to engage with Cool Pool Tas, 
as a user and advocate, under the positive drive of Sustainable Living Tasmania. 
Georgi Marshall
(Founder/Operator Cool Pool Tas 2008-2014)