Cool Etiquette

It’s cool courtesy as a member of Cool Pool Tas to be MINDFUL at all times. Mindful of the space you are sharing and the road you are travelling. So, if you are a new or seasoned carpooler, please check out some cool etiquette to make it a great journey for everyone. 

Be safe, wise and bonne route.  Have a good commute.

Safe Driving

Defensive, safe driving is the only way to drive in the pool. Drivers and Passengers must obey all traffic laws, stay focused and it should be a cool trip.

Clean Cars

Cool cars to ride in have safety belts, are well maintained mechanically by the driver, and are looked after inside also, to make for an inviting travel space for fellow car poolers. Clean is cool.


Music is great for journeys, but be respectful in your choice of tunes and thoughtful as to the volume of the music when travelling with other people. Cool choices.

Contributions & Correct Change

It’s appropriate to offer your contribution ($) (if it is not a trade) before driving out towards the destination. All of the details should have been set prior to pick-up, and the passengers should have the correct change ready.

Pick up & Drop Offs

It’s cool in the pool if the passengers can make their way to the driver’s nominated pick up point (make sure it is visible and public- safety first!), and that the driver can drop off some where practical (nearby or at the passenger’s destination or alternatively a public transport portal).  These details should be clearly stated prior to departure.  E.G Pick up entrance Woolworths Sandy Bay, drop off Launceston York Town Square.  

Perfumes and Odours

It’s cool courtesy to avoid using strong perfumes, removing smelly shoes and that type of thing when sharing a confined space in an automobile. Please respect the pooler/s in your company.

Detours En route

It is not cool in the car pool to take picnics and short cuts, or detours, or long stops. Carpooling is an A to B connection. Please stay on track and on schedule.

Are you a late person? Be on time!! If you have an appointment in the pool, don’t be late- and if something comes up and you are running late- call your driver/passenger well ahead of time (Speeding is also not cool i.e safe or affordable).

Do you smoke?

It is illegal to smoke in cars with children in Tasmania.  People can often be polite or shy to say that smoking might bother them (even if you've asked permission).  Therefore, please be aware that smoking isn’t so cool in the pool.


It’s cool to check with your pooling partners before jumping aboard with hot food, or opening up packets of food, such as nuts, that may be harmful or disturbing for those sharing the ride.  Be thoughtful.

Frequent Commuters

HOME 2 HUB: It’s cool to alternate sharing rides rather than exchanging money. It would be helpful to keep a log of how many times you travel in your personal log book with Cool Pool Tas,  to make sure that the exchange is fair.