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Dear Carpoolers,

I am excited to share with all of our current and future members that Sustainable Living Tasmania is going to continue operating our online carpooling website, Cool Pool Tas.

Please find below a letter from me acknowledging the journey thus far for Cool Pool Tas, and some thanks to our supporters, as Cool Pool Tas transitions to new ownership with Sustainable Living Tasmania.  

We welcome the new operators of the site, and hope to see the carpooling culture grow in coming years.

Happy and Safe Carpooling,


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1,000 Members Cool Pool Tas

Congratulations Cool Pool Tas and Our Community.  Today Tasmania's dedicated carpooling network has reached 1,000 members!


Let's build the momentum into the Summer, and keep posting and searching for rides in the network to share the journey there: Whether it be to a one off event; a summer course you are studying; a regular commute you make or other trips....post in the pool to share the costs and company on the road.

Thank you to all of our members.

Serving the Community since 2008.
Cool Pool Tas :-)

New Supporters Panel on HOME PAGE

Cool Pool Tas is now offering promotional space for some of Our Supporters, Tasmanian Businesses, and other Sustainable Transport Initiatives.  

This space is CURRENTLY available for free to promote your local events or businesses, as well as great initiatives going on out there in the Tasmanian Community.

Contact us to discuss a weblink and logo promo on our Home Page- FREE (for now)!

Tasmanian Bushfires- Carpooling

Cool Pool Tas has been asked to support the Tasmanian bushfires through encouraging our users that are heading into these affected areas to post their rides.

There are donations in need of being delivered from Northern Tasmania to the Tasman Peninsula region, and most likely other volunteers or donations that are looking for a way into the devastated regions.  Moreover,  if you are driving out to these areas please post on our site here, and/or see the following link to the Launceston Bush Fire Appeal if you are heading into...

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Summer 2012- Le Mobilizer Update 5


Welcome to our annual update!  Please click here to read the latest news from Cool Pool Tas. 

This edition includes...

- Cool Pool Tas UTAS service underway

- News on our tour to rural and remote areas in Tassie

- Cool Pool Tas undergoing upgrade

- Inspiration on the other side of the world- carpooling in Quebec

-  Benefits of supporting Cool Pool Tas & Donor form + New advertising opportunities.  

Happy and Safe Summer...

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Winner of Cool Pool Tas's Walking Car


Cool Pool Tas would like to thank every one who stopped by to say hi during the Sustainable Living Tas Expo over the weekend.  We hope that through your connection word will continue to spread that Cool Pool is about carpooling (not swimming pools)! We are state wide, for locals and visitors to Tassie, and for regular commuters or just one off trips....(i.e register and use at your own will, as you require).



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Le Mobilizer- Update 4


Please click here to see our latest Le Mobilizer


  • Cool Pool's Specialist Climate Patrons
  • Upcoming Cool Pool Day on Friday July 16th, 2010
  • Our New Carbon Avoidance Road Star (CAR STAR) Program
  • Walking Car Version 2
  • and more news from the Cool Pool!

Walking Car Falls Fiesta Carpooling Friends


Once again Cool Pool Tas was building upon our carpooling community at Tassie's Falls Festival in our walking car.  Pictured below are some of our volunteers and supporters in festival mode with the carbon zero car.  Follow this link to see our faces on the Mercury webpage also.


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Dr Edward Hall Environment Award- Winner


Cool Pool Tas was the proud recipient of the Hobart City Council's Dr Edward Hall Environment Award on Friday November the 13th.

Our community project titled "Walk the Talk: Walking Car Drives Away Climate Change"has grabbed the attention of many citizens at music and community events during the past financial year. 


Further to the excitement...

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Launch of Cool Pool Tas- Walking the Talk to the Botanical Gardens


On Sunday at Tasmania's Royal Botanical Gardens, Cool Pool Tas were accepting their first carpooler registrations for their new website coolpooltas.com.au .

Featured at their tent site at the Gardens was a very flash "walking car", that made it all the way there from Salamanca Place-  to help promote the launch of the site.

A group of around 12 motivated and healthy Cool Pool Tas volunteers...

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